AddedAdded FixedFixed
UpdatedUpdated RemovedRemoved


AddedNew option "Show on taskbar".
AddedNew "Use negative index" option in the icon selection dialog.
UpdatedThe algorithm for extracting icons has been updated.
FixedVarious minor fixes.

AddedNew tab menu item "Add (new tab)" (Ctrl + N).
AddedNew option "Turn off transparency when cursor is over window".
AddedAdded hotkey Ctrl + F1 to open "About" window.
UpdatedBuilt in Embarcadero Delphi 11.3 Community Edition.
FixedFixed a bug where button tooltips were not shown if the window was not in focus.
FixedFixed a bug where application modals were displayed below the main window when the "Stay on top" option was enabled.
FixedVarious minor fixes.
RemovedNow only Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 10 and Windows 11 are supported.

AddedWhen you first start FreeLaunch, the system language of the program interface is set by default.
AddedThe standard values of the new buttons can now be configured in the settings.
AddedNew item "Run as Administrator" in the context menu of the button.
AddedNew option "Theme".
AddedNew option "When reloading buttons, delete the button if the object is not found".
AddedNew option "Delete shortcut file after creating a button".
AddedNew option "Show the date and time in the status bar".
AddedNew option "Make button background transparent if there are no tabs".
AddedNew option "Enable main window transparency".
AddedNew priorities in the button settings (real time, below normal, above normal).
AddedAdded automatic activation of the dark theme of the application design at the first launch, if the dark theme is enabled in the operating system settings.
AddedAdded a confirmation dialog with a request to delete a button when the object was not found.
AddedAdded "Apply" button in settings window.
AddedThe application now remembers which tab in the settings window was last opened.
AddedNow if the object is thrown not on the button, the application looks for the nearest button and binds the object to it.
AddedAdded English help file.
AddedAdded F1 hotkey to open help file.
AddedAdded the ability to move the main application window using buttons (Alt + LMB).
AddedAdded a call to the settings window from the main application window.
UpdatedThe "Hide after launch" option in the button propeties is now set to OFF by default.
UpdatedUpdated Russian help file.
UpdatedAbout and settings windows redesigned.
UpdatedVersion information is always up-to-date in the About window.
UpdatedBuild in Embarcadero Delphi 10.4.2 Community Edition.
FixedThe application no longer crashes if the settings file is corrupted or cannot be accessed.
FixedFixed a bug where path to the file was incorrectly determined on 64-bit OS.
FixedFixed a bug where the window was not redrawn after deleting a tab.
FixedFixed a bug where the window shifted relative to the right edge when there was only one tab left.
FixedFixed a bug where when increasing the number of rows or columns, right-clicking on new buttons called the wrong menu.
FixedFixed a bug where when increasing the number of rows or columns, tooltips on new buttons were not displayed.
FixedFixed a bug where an object was dropped not on a button.
FixedFixed automatic setting of status bar size for non-standard DPI screen.
FixedFixed handling of a system error when object not found.
FixedFixed OK and Cancel actions in modal windows.
FixedVarious minor fixes.
RemovedSupport for Windows Vista or earlier versions of Windows has been discontinued.
RemovedRemoved compatibility with settings files of old versions of the application (1.X - 2.0).

AddedAdded a button for selecting a working folder through the folder selection dialog.
UpdatedBy default, the panel is hidden after the button is pressed. That is, the checkbox "Hide at startup" is set automatically when creating a button.
UpdatedThe program interface is simplified. If there is only one bookmark with buttons left in the program, then the bookmarks are hidden, and the background of the buttons becomes transparent.
UpdatedIn portable mode, the environment variables FL_DIR and FL_ROOT are automatically substituted in the path.
RemovedRemoved support for custom button colors.

AddedAn option has been added to the properties of the program button to control administrator rights.
UpdatedReworked buttons, now they will look more modern.
FixedFLExecutor is used only when it cannot be dispensed with, and in most cases the file is run directly.
FixedFixed various minor bugs.

UpdatedVarious minor improvements.
FixedFixed launch of FLExecutor.
FixedFixed various minor bugs.

AddedAdded FLExecutor to run applications with Administrator rights.
AddedAdded handling of system errors when launching applications.
AddedAdded drawing on the button of the UAC Shield icon.
UpdatedVarious minor improvements.
FixedFixed various bugs.

AddedAdded support for large icons.
AddedAdded support for non-standard DPI.
AddedAdded support for system environment variables.
AddedAdded support for icon caches as separate files.
AddedAdded %FL_CONFIG% variable, which always points to the folder where the settings are stored.
AddedAdded Ukrainian localization.
UpdatedNew settings file format.
UpdatedThe {FL_DIR} and {FL_ROOT} expressions have been replaced with %FL_DIR% and %FL_ROOT% respectively, and now they do not contain a trailing slash.
UpdatedIncreased the maximum number of tabs to 50, rows to 100, columns to 150, and the maximum size of buttons to 256x256.
UpdatedCompiled on Embarcadero Delphi XE7.
FixedFreeLaunch will consume less power on laptops.
FixedAllowed drag'n'drop to the FreeLaunch window when it is launched with Administrator rights.
FixedEnabling autorun does not require Administrator rights.
FixedThe window can be moved to a second monitor.
FixedFixed various bugs.

AddedAdded autosave settings.
FixedIcon cache is now automatically updated after an incorrect program termination.
RemovedRemoved tray menu item "Save settings".

Added Added three modes of operation. The mode is set in the "settingsmode" parameter in the "UseProfile.ini" file:
  • 0 - settings are stored in %appdata%;
  • 1 - settings are stored in program folder;
  • 2 - settings are stored in program folder, but autostart with system is disabled.
FixedFixed saving and processing of the working directory when exporting/importing individual button settings.
RemovedRemoved "--portable" parameter handling.

AddedAdded separation of buttons by type (executable file, file/folder).
AddedAdded working folder specification.
AddedAdded alpha channel support in icons.
AddedAdded global hotkey Ctrl+WinKey to show/hide the main window.
AddedAdded parameter "--portable" to run the program in portable mode.
AddedAdded a warning when an object is missing.
AddedAdded support for relative paths.
UpdatedNew window positioning algorithm that allows you to save the position regardless of the screen resolution.
UpdatedChanged the mechanism for rendering icons, as well as rendering selected buttons.
UpdatedSettings files moved to user directory.
FixedTray icon now respawns after Explorer crashes.
FixedFixed a bug with the disappearance of controls when pressing Alt on Windows Vista.
FixedFixed several major memory leaks.
FixedFixed error that occurred when getting information about an executable file.
FixedWhen manually changing the path to an object, the properties are not automatically reread.
FixedFixed various minor bugs.

AddedAdded Windows XP visual style support.
UpdatedMinor improvements in app design.
FixedFixed various minor bugs.

AddedAdded hiding the tab title when there is only one tab on the form.
UpdatedImproved localization of tab titles.
UpdatedVarious minor improvements.
FixedFixed memory error when changing shortcut icon.
RemovedRemoved items "Settings" and "About" from the system menu.

AddedAdded localization support (Russian and English languages included).
addedAdded option to hide status bar.
addedAdded import/export of individual button settings from/to file.
addedAdded item "Save settings" in the main menu of the program to prevent loss of settings on crash.
addedAdded input from the keyboard of the icon number when choosing its size in the settings.
addedAdded input from the keyboard values of the number of tabs, rows, buttons and padding.
UpdatedImprovements in the "Button properties" window.
UpdatedVarious minor improvements.
FixedFixed bugs in the icon selection window.
RemovedRemoved option "Hide on startup" (now it is individual for each button).
RemovedRemoved compatibility with settings files version 1.0 beta 3 and earlier.

AddedAdded handling of dragged files.
AddedAdded "Settings" and "About" items in the system menu.
AddedAdded hotkeys.
AddedAdded hints for buttons.
AddedAdded confirmation to replace an existing button.
AddedAdded hiding the window when left clicking on the tray icon.
AddedAdded option "Hide on call".
AddedAdded prevention of launching multiple copies of the application.
AddedAdded option to resize icons.
AddedAdded caching icons for a faster launch of the program.
UpdatedVarious minor improvements.
FixedFixed various bugs.

AddedInitial public release.