Settings window - Tab General

General options:

  1. Autostart with system
    Autostart application on system startup.

  2. Always on top
    The main window of the application will always be located on top of all other windows.

  3. Show on taskbar
    Show the application on the taskbar.

  4. Start hidden
    Run application with hidden main window.

  5. Show status bar
    Show status bar in the main application window.

  6. Make button background transparent if there are no tabs
    The background of the buttons in the main window will be transparent if there are no tabs in the main window.

  7. Delete shortcut file after creating a button
    Delete the original shortcut file when creating a new button, if this option is enabled.

  8. When reloading buttons, delete the button if the object is not found
    When all buttons are reloaded, buttons are deleted for which the object bound to the button is not found.

  9. Button «Reload icons»
    Pressing this button reloads all buttons.